One week ago, a Yemen customer placed an order of FL5-10 hydraulic press brick making machine. According to the company’s regulations, he paid a 40% deposit. In the contract, we agreed on various details of this compressed earth block machine. For example: the pressure of 200 tons, and the size of various bricks to be produced, as well as the delivery date and so on. Then we start the production of this automatic brick machine.

But today he suddenly contact us and tell us he want to change the pressure from 200 tons to 100 tons, he also want to change the height of brick size.
Maybe this customer is not very clear about the production process of brick machine. The overall frame structure of the machine is determined by the maximum height of the brick to be produced and the pressure. The most important thing is that the first step in the production of the machine is to make the external overall frame according to the requirements of the pressure and the maximum height of the brick.
So when this customer placed the order, we had arranged the production. The brick machine overall structure has be detailed and in the production process.  So it’s almost impossible to change the hydraulic pressure to 100 tons.
Before the production, almost any requirement we can meet, but once we start the production, it’s very difficult to change most details for the host machine.
Therefore, I would like to remind our dear customers that you must seriously consider your own needs for brick block machine when placing orders. We can basically meet you, but once we start production, it will be difficult for us to meet your changed needs. We hope you could understand us.