manual interlocking brick making machine

FL1-25 is a manual clay block brick molding machine with low price but high profit. Welcome to contact us!

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    FL1-25 is a small manual interlocking brick making machine. It has the following advantages:

    ♦1. Low investment and high profit, very suitable for buyers who want to start his career with a small brick factory.

    ♦ 2. With simple production line, this machine can save a lot of labors. The production line includes mixer, conveyor belt, soil sieve.

    ♦ 3. This is a small machine but with complicated manufacturing technology. Every key part is carefully made, and connection adopts special welding method.

    ♦ 4. Line cutting technology and carburizing heat treatment technology are adopted in the process of mold production. The mold is more durable and has a longer service life.

    ♦ 5. There are diesel engine and electric motor optional. You can choose the suitable power method according to your local situation.

    Technical parameters

    Dimension 1400x800x1605mm Weight 500Kg
    Shaping cycle 10-15s Pressure 16Mpa
    Motor power 25kw Mixer model JQ350
    Capacity  5200pcs/8hr Block size Customized
    Piece/Mould 2 Power Electric motor


    After sale service
    Perfect after-sale service is our company’s principle, including timely production, carefully package, and fast shipping delivery. Meeting customer’s requirement is the goal we pursue. Our products will timely arrive the destination in every corner of the world.