Identification method of Five Kinds of Motor Noise fault of brick making machine

Electric motors are of great importance to many construction machinery and equipment such as brick machine. Motor nickname engine, used in automation technology in the industrial equipment is extremely common, but we all know, the motor is not of installation, operation, maintenance and other conditions can cause noise common faults, and a lot of maintenance personnel or professional and technical personnel can according to the various ways to identify noise because of the common faults and common fault location for many block machine I’m dissecting with you today.
1.Power off method. 
With the characteristics of electromagnetic induction noise varying with the height and height of electromagnetic field, load current size and its transformation, the motor with supporting facilities of permeable brick machine is operated with full load. After listening for a period of time, the switching power supply is suddenly disconnected, and part of the noise will immediately subside when the switching power supply is disconnected, which is the electromagnetic induction noise. After the power failure, the noise caused by the motor’s re-operation by inertial force is mechanical equipment noise.
2.Current test method. 
If the motor stator winding is not the same or the internal phase break or inter-turn short circuit fault, the three-phase current is not balanced. If the motor rotor is broken cage or winding motor rotor three-phase electricity is not the same, the motor stator current fluctuations, so to identify the block machine motor electromagnetic induction noise.
3.Change the working voltage method. 
If electromagnetic induction noise is a key part of the motor noise, it will change with the working voltage, while other noise basis will not change.
4.Driving method. 
Use a low noise motor to drive the motor in the supporting facilities of the pervious brick machine to rotate. Mention and learn to lower the motor carbon brush multiple times to identify the hazards of motor carbon brush noise.
5.Disassembly and assembly method. 
The noise of the gas driving force is stable and can be distinguished according to the change of the noise before and after the motor fan of the supporting facilities of the block making machine. On the other hand, disassembling the fan with different diameters and forms, and distinguishing the noise under different speed ratios can also distinguish the noise of the fan.
So don’t let your block brick making machine working in improper station. Try to identity the noise.