For brick machines working in open air, it is necessary to do waterproof work of concrete block manufacturing plant and soil brick making machine, especially in the rainy season. So what aspects need special attention?

First, prepare a good waterproof cloth before the rainy season. Use it to cover all the parts of the machine on rainy days. It is best to apply a layer of oil on the surface of the main machine to prevent water from entering the machine and causing rust, especially The reducer must be guaranteed not to be exposed to rain.

Secondly, the hydraulic pumping station of the interlocking pavers making machine must not be neglected, because once the rainwater enters the oil system, it will cause different degrees of damage to the hydraulic station, and the consequences will be very serious.

Thirdly, the mold of the hydraform brick machine must be removed and placed in a dry room properly preserved, it is best to apply a layer of paint to prevent rust, so that the abrasive will not rust due to the humidity of the air.

Finally, the moving parts on hourdis block machine can be removed and stored in a dry place. (But make sure you are familiar with how to reinstall it)