The manufacturer you choose must have four characteristics.

First of all, they have exporting experience. This is the basic but most important factor. Many brick machine factory only have domestic sales experience and never have machine export experience. The related export export procedures and qualification are not complete, resulting in customs declaration can not be completed smoothly, goods can not arrive at the port of destination and a series of problems. In the end, the customers paid for the goods but failed to receive them.

Second, they have exporting experience to your country. Let them provide pictures or videos to prove.

Third, They have many years manufacturing experience. This can confirm the block machine have high quality, like longer service time, smooth working conditions, etc.
Fourth, They have a lot of good comments from customers.
If a brick making machine manufacturer has the above four characteristics. I think then you can talk your requirement with them. You can tell them which county are you coming from, how many bricks you want to produce per day, the bricks shapes you want to produce, etc. Communicate the details of the machine with them.