The development space of new wall materials brick industry is huge due to support of national policy and the need of society development. With the strengthening of the protection of arable land, the policy of limiting usage of clay will further implement, new wall materials such as fly ash brick, hollow brick, cement brick will gradually replace the clay brick.
The quantity of concrete block molds for sale speedy increase at present, majority of hollow brick machine’s purchaser often meet headache problem such as which supplier I’m supposed to cooperate with? Which machine own better quality? How can I buy a high quality brick?
Actually various types of block machine is similar, the basic materials is usually sand, stone, gravel, fly ash, coal gangue, slag, slag, ceramic, construction waste, cement and other raw materials. Replace different mould can make different brick. For example hollow brick, solid brick, paver interlocking brick and so on.
The main difference of concrete block molds for sale is if there is own their features, such as some brick making machines free plate that can save a lot of costs for businesses. In addition, need to see the machines if have the compact structure, high pressing force, strong rigidity, sealed against dust, the cycle lubrication, simple operation, high capacity, durability and other characteristics.
Offer one detailed introduction of new type QTF4-15 brick making machine developed by ourselves FULANG MACHINE:
1, Huge pressure, the rated pressure can up to 1600KN;
2, The transmission part is completely sealed. Multiple dust piston, pressure supply, circulation lubrication, reduce wear and prolong machine life;
3, Pressure display, stop set once overload and lack of oil automatically, mechanical failure alarm and other functions;
4, Take advantage of automobile cross universal rotary mechanism, rotation more flexible, stable and durable;
5, Adopt high-speed flywheel energy storage, power consumption, high output;
6, The main compression part take high quality steel using special treatment, can meet the maximum working pressure strength.