Fully automatic brick collecting brick block cuber pallet separator machine

This is an automatic brick collecting machine, block cuber machine, and block pallet separator machine.

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    1. The whole block cuber machine adopts the technology of electric and hydraulic integration, and the program is interlocked, which is safe and reliable, so that each cycle of equipment operation is consistent.

    2. The whole machine is made of high precision, high strength casting and special welding technology and materials, with good rigidity and long service life.
    3. The block pallet separator machine is simple and flexible in operation, reasonable in structure and wide in vision.
    4. The electrical system adopts the international brand Siemens display screen and PLC, which can be fully automatic, semi-automatic and manual operation. Automatic cycle operation, equipped with data input and output device, control system including safety logic control and fault diagnosis system.
    5. Intelligent brick board separation stacker is widely used, which can be applied to various bricks, such as concrete hollow block, color pavement brick, solid standard brick, porous brick and so on.
    6. This brick collecting machine can stack bricks automatically after curing, and clip up the pallet under the brick, and then stack the pallet automatically. The machine saves the working time of brick stacking and stacking, improves the production efficiency and reduces the production cost.
    "block cuber machine, brick collecting machine