Many foreign customers may not know one thing. Alibaba platform needs to re authenticate the qualification of businesses entering the platform once a year. The purpose is to ensure the authenticity of the qualification information of businesses. As the representative of brick machine manufacturers, FULANG machine naturally needs to re certify the company’s qualification every year.

FULANG machine has been in this sales platform for more than 6 years, and has been committed to the production and sales of various types of concrete block machines and clay brick machines, including manual, semi-automatic, large-scale full-automatic and large-scale brick making machine production lines. In short, for most customers’ needing the type of brick machine, FULANG machine produces and sales.
Fulang machinery currently certifies jinpincheng enterprise on this sales platform. The so-called jinpincheng enterprise is that businesses need to have multiple conditions. For example, first of all, we should ensure that the integrity of the business has been very good, and there has been no dishonest false behavior on the platform. Secondly, the business is the industry’s large manufacturers, has its own long-term fixed production plant. For example, Fulang machinery has a large brick machine production plant, so this sales platform is awarded to Fulang machinery jinpincheng enterprise’s Senior Qualification Certificate.