FL2-10 automatic soil brick making machine finished production and machine testing, ready to be shipped to Senegal. Congratulations to our Senegal customers, he will receive his machine soon.

FL2-10 is an automatic soil brick making machine. It can produce different kinds of interlocking bricks with holes and hydraform bricks. So these kinds of block machine is also can be called hydraform brick making machine. The brick shapes are customizable according to your requirements, including length, width and height.
According to your produce capacity, we also have FL4-10, FL5-10, FL7-10, FL10-10. These interlocking brick making machine series can almost meet all your production capacity requirements.
The shaping method is hydraulic molding, upgrade technology compared with the old pure vibration molding type. Also the cylinder has been enlarged. So the bricks produced by this brick machine have higher density and higher strength.
The brick moulds are all treated by line cutting technology, and carburizing heating. So they are not only have longer service life but also have accurate size.  Dimensional error can be controlled within 0.3mm.