FL7-10 compressed earth block machine for sale

we are clay brick making machine manufacturers. FL7-10 is an automatic compressed earth block machine for sale, and it can produce different kinds of soil cement blocks just by changing molds.

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    Main advantage
    1. FL7-10 is an automatic compressed earth block machine for sale with fully automatic production accessories like soil mixer, conveyor and soil crusher and so on.
    2. This machine is controlled by highly artificial intelligence system, Mitsubishi PLC control system, YUKEN hydraulic system, so just needing 2-3 persons  to operate this machine.
    3. Using imported components and seals, stable working status, efficient production process.
    4. Compact construction, easy operation, easy maintenance.
    5. The mould service life is as long as 100,000 times, actually it can be used for much longer time.

    Technical parameters

    Name Power/kw Frequency r/min
    Host machine motor 11 1460
    Material mixer motor 7.5 1440
    Soil screen motor 1.1 1460
    Soil crusher motor 5.5 1400
    Conveyor belt motor 0.75 1390

    Brick samples 

    Installation abroad
    our company will send professional engineers to help you for machine installation, and train your people how to use and maintain the machine.