Congratulations! Two sets of FL100T automatic clay brick machines have been shipped to America this week. Today Let’s make a brief introduction to this hot-selling brick-making machine.

1. Hot selling interlocking brick machine.

FL100T is our company’s hot-selling automatic interlocking clay concrete brick machine, suitable for the production of clay bricks, clay bricks, cement bricks, interlocking bricks.

2. High automation degree brick making machine 

FL100T is a fully automatic hydraulic brick-making machine controlled by PLC, which can be easily operated by a person. This machine is a fully automatic operation machine, can automatically feed, press die, die. For the whole process, two to four workers are enough.

3. Multifunction soil brick machine 

Mould can be changed according to the customer’s requirement. Hydraulic molding, the production of higher hardness bricks. By changing the mold, different interlocking bricks can be made. A multi-functional brick-making machine can produce different types of blocks, only need one piece of equipment, without the need to buy another machine, can meet the needs of different markets.

4. High productivity clay brick machine 

The molding time is only 10 seconds. The yield varies according to the number of blocks formed at a time. The production capacity is very high, suitable for customers who need large capacity.

5.Burning free mud brick machine 

Made of clay and silicate materials, cheap and easy to obtain. These bricks don’t need burning.

6.Perfect design compressed earth block machine 

1. Automatic clay brick machine is the newest clay brick and cement brick production equipment developed by our factory.
2.FL100T adopts a motor-driven CBT-E400 gear pump, double oil cylinder, hydraulic pressure can reach 100 tons, which can ensure high brick density and good brick quality.
3.Special interlock design is adopted for brick, which is convenient for construction and solid structure.
4.Simple operation, convenient maintenance, is the ideal machine for your business.

5.perfect design, high quality of this compressed earth block-making machine has gained so many buyers.