If you need a fully automatic clay brick making machine, what do you need to buy except the host machine.

First, what’s the host machine ? The host machine is the part of brick machine which is in charge of brick molding process.  It’s the main part of brick manufacturing plant.
Other parts are the accessories to help the brick machine to achieve real automation.
For the clay brick making machine, its accessories include soil crusher, soil sieve, mixer machine and convey belt. The soil crusher is in charge of crushing soil in case of preventing big clods from blocking the brick machine.  The soil sieve is in charge of filtering particles, leaving only small particles of soil as raw materials for brick production. The mixer machine is in charge of mixing the soil and water. The convey belt is the bridge that connects all these four parts.
Speaking of this, you may say that it is not fully automatic. Yes, the clay brick machine is not equipped with all the fully automatic accessories. Because these are enough for most customers who produce clay bricks.
But for the concrete block manufacturer, they always need more accessories to achieve the full automatic operation.
From giving material to placing finished products. The concrete block making machine can achieve real fully automation.