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automatic egg laying concrete block machine

egg laying concrete block machine
cement brick block machine details show

Technological superiority
1. Intelligent operation
The hollow block molder equipment adopts international advanced intelligent interactive system, visual operation interface, including security logic control and fault diagnosis system.
2. Hydraulic system
The speed and pressure of hydraulic action are accurately controlled by proportional valves, and all parameters can be set at the operating interface. The main movements of the machine, such as the movement of the shaking table, the lifting of the mold frame and the press head, and the movement of the cloth frame, are driven by the hydraulic system.
3. Mobile production
The egg laying concrete block machine equipment is equipped with high quality walking wheels, which can realize mobile production. No brackets are needed. Motor drive, stable and reliable.
4. Precision movement of indenter
The press head of the equipment moves along the large-sized guide axis and guide column through the chain and lever axis, which is safe, stable and accurate.
5. Multifunctional Distribution System
The system consists of hopper, guide rail, distribution box and lifting system. The unique mould scraper and the mould brush fixed on the cloth box can ensure the surface cleanliness of the brick and the uniformity of the cloth.

Technical Parameters



Weight of host machine


Demold method

Hydraulic pressure

Host machine power



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Vibration frequency


Shaping cycle


Mixer model

JS 500

Hollow, solid, block and paver samples 
This machine can produce different kinds of blocks just by replacing molds. and the molds are customizable according to customer's requirement.
block samples this hollow block molder can produce

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