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Fully automatic concrete hollow block machine

full automatic concrete hollow block machine

Brief introduction

QTF10-15 is an automatic concrete hollow brick block making plant, and hot sale in south Africa. And it can produce different kinds of blocks just by changing mold.
Main components of the host:
♦ 1. Three main electric motors
There are two vibration motors on either side of the mold, and one material feeding motor. 
The raw material are conveyed to the upper position powered by the material feeding motor.
The vibration motor, by controlling a vibrating box, make the raw material are evenly distributed in the lower mold.
 2. Pallets conveyor system 
Be in charge of giving of pallets to the under position of the mold according to every cycle needed.
 3. Hydraulic pressure system 
Imported dynamic proportional valves, high quality seals are adopted to accurately adjust the oil consumption volume according to accurate different production requirement.
 4. Automatic control system 
This machine are controlled by Programmable Logic Controller, it’s also be called the PLC control system. All the parameters can be revised according to different production situation. Control mothed are easy to learn, and just 3-4 persons are needed to complete the whole production process.
♦ 5. Water-cooling system
Water-cooling system: There are two O-rings in the cylinder with two sealing rings. If it breaks, it will leak oil. The hydraulic oil has a certain working temperature. When the temperature is high, the pump will pump water to achieve cycle cooling.

different concrete hollow and solid block samples

optional accessories

 installation abroad for customers