Congratulations to our Ethiopian customer, his 100 ton hydraulically formed clay soil brick machine has been finished and the customer will receive his machine soon. So here are some simple steps of receiving this brick machine:

The basic steps of assembling a machine.
1. Assemble the machine according to the pattern above.
3. Connect the crusher, screen, mixer, and conveyor to the small control box.
2. Connect the main circuit to the electrical box according to the wiring diagram.

Advantage of this 100 tons brick machine
1, PLC control, one person can easily operate.
2. The height of the brick can be changed by adjusting the screw.
3, one or two bricks (according to the mold) will be in less than 10 seconds.
4. High productivity.
5, mold can be replaced according to customer requirements.
6. Hydraulic pressure can be up to 100 tons.
7. Hydraulic pressure ensures the density and strength of bricks.

Ready to debug for this brick machine 
1. Add lubricating oil to each friction part.
3. Add 15KG oil to the transmission of the mixer.
2. Add 70L anti-wear hydraulic oil into the hydraulic tank.
4. Turn on the power control switch in the electrical box.