The pressure of brick making machine has always been the concern of many customers. Because the greater the pressure, the greater the density and strength of the bricks produced. From the beginning of the pure manual brick making machine which increases the pressure through the lever principle, to the later electric hydraulic 50 MPa and 70 MPa hydraulic brick making machine, and then to today’s full-automatic up to 100 tons hydraulic pressure brick making machine, the brick making machine has been carrying out continuous technological innovation with people’s needs.

This 100 ton pressure brick making machine really brings good news to many customers. Because many customers will choose some special raw materials to make bricks. For example, many Indian customers like to use fly ash as raw material.
Before, the old brick machine 70 MPa pressure is difficult to make this kind of raw material perfect molding. But now with this 100 ton pressure brick making machine, you can achieve perfect molding!