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mobile block making machine china

mobile sand bricks making machine
Main advantage of this machine 
1.FL6-30 is a egg layer block making machine which can produce various different hollow blocks and solid blocks by changing its mould.
2.This sand bricks making machine is an automatic block making machine, and it doesn’t need pallets, it will save lots of investment and be more cost-effective.
3.This machine is easy to be operated, and you can use this machine to produce blocks directly after you connect electricity.
4.It adopts both precise line cutting technology and carburizing treatment technology,  these will prolong the machine’s service life and  increase the precision of blocks.
5.This machine is made from good raw materials. All materials and spare parts are selected according to international CE standard. And  this will assure the whole line stable running.

 ▶ Technical Parameter and Production Capacity

Technical Parameter
Dimension  2550*2200*1750mm Movable Yes
Weight  1500KGS Heat treatment Carburizing treatment
Shaping cycle  30-35S Vibration frequency 50-70HZ
Power  11.2KW Pallets  No need 
Rated voltage  Adapt to local voltage  Rated pressure 7.5-14MPa

Production Capacity


Reference pic Pcs/Mould Pcs/Shift
400*120*200 6 8640-12960
400*150*200 7 5760-8640
400*200*200 9 5760-8640

Packing and Delivery