Why choose the FULANG brand brick-making machine?

①Hydraulic cylinder of their brick making machine 

1.The circle mark is obvious, never explode the cylinder.

2. Full tonnage, full stroke

3.Tight lock, no oil leakage

②Hydraulic tube of their brick making machine 

1.Steel wire spiral hose

2.Bear High temperature and high pressure

3.Flange interface, sealed well, no oil leakage.

③Block mold of their brick making machine 

1.Carburizing, heat treatment, wear resistance.

2.Wire cutting technology, a small error

3.Carbon dioxide protection welding, the welding body is firm and does not crack.

④Vibration box of their brick making machine 

1.Quenching technology, 45#steel, firm and hard.

2.Cast steel box, no oil leakage.

3.High vibration force and high brick density.

⑤Material feeding track of their brick making machine 

1.Slide rail design to produce feeding resistance

2.Manganese steel casting, strong and wear-resistant

3.Cast bearings, low lubrication resistance

⑥PLC new system of their brick making machine 

1.Simple programming and artificial design

2.Quality components, Schneider brand

3.Frequency converter to ensure smooth motor start

⑦Balance rail of their brick making machine 

1.Ensure the synchronization of double cylinders and the uniform height of bricks

2.45#Steel, heat-treated, hard and wear-resistant

⑧Stroke sensor of their brick making machine 

  1. Original Omron world brand, quality assurance
  2. Light sensor control, precise stroke locking
  3. Protective sleeve protection, anti-collision and anti-pressure

The capacity of their concrete curb block machine is this forming machine, it is also an important part of the forming machine
The entire production line. You can change molds on these parts to make different shapes
Colorful paving blocks, hollow bricks and curbs.

Hollow interlocking block curb making machine at the customer site
• Multiple rows of rakes ensure that teaching materials are published simultaneously.
• The concrete curb vibration system consists of two parts, one is the upper mold vibration box, which is powered by the upper mold vibration box. The lower mold has a lot of vibration. When the bulk material work is completed, hydraulic power and two vibration forces will ensure good density of hollow interlocking blocks, solid paving blocks and concrete curbs.

• The stripper synchronizer avoids damaging the parts.

If you need different kinds of concrete block-making machines or clay interlocking brick-making machines, please contact FULANG MACHINE. They will give you professional advice for many models. Fully-automatic concrete block machine, fully automatic clay brick making machine, semi-automatic brick block making machine, and manual brick block machine.