The importance of oil filter element of brick machine ?

In the production of brick machine, the hydraulic system is a crucial link. If there is a problem with the hydraulic system, the whole equipment will stop working. The problems are mainly caused by the insufficient cleanliness of the hydraulic oil. That easily cause the failure of the hydraulic system of the brick machine.

Therefore, the hydraulic oil of the brick machine needs to be filtered regularly.

What caused the problem of brick machine?

First of all, the hydraulic oil used in the brick making machine has been used for a long time. In the process, it produced the phenomenon of heating. As we all know, the normal viscosity of the hydraulic oil is very high, so it will not produce too much impulse in the process of filtration.

But the hydraulic oil of brick making machine will decrease viscosity after heating up. During the filtration process, once the viscosity is too low, the impact generated will be correspondingly increased. This will lead to the filter element may be broken.

Secondly, the hydraulic cabinet of the brick machine enters the debris. In the process of filtering, the debris is sucked into the filter. This is easy to cause scratches to the filter element of the filter. After the continuous impact of the hydraulic oil, the filter element will also be broken through.

Therefore, in the production process of the brick machine, we should pay special attention to the cooling of the hydraulic oil, and ensure the cleanliness of the oil in the hydraulic cabinet.

What we should do when we use brick machine?

Once the filter element is broken, the hydraulic oil of the hydraulic cylinder is no longer filtered. They carry all kinds of slag into the hydraulic station, which will greatly shorten the service life of the hydraulic station. And the hydraulic station is an important part of the production line of the brick machine. So the service life of the brick machine will be greatly reduced.
Therefore, the filter element is an important part of the brick machine, we should take good care of the filter element like the machine. And we should often give it the necessary cleaning and maintenance, so as to greatly extend the service life of the filter element. And this will extend the service life of the brick machine.