1. This maquina de tijolo can produce 4-7 blocks at a time, and the molding cycle only takes 10 seconds. Using hydraulic technology, the brique de terre produced are of good quality, high density, and high strength.
The fully automatic clay prensa tijolo ecologico factory clay brick making machine is our new type of clay and cement brick making machine.
The precision-manufactured brick mold is used in the machining center, and its interior is heat-treated and corrected.
2. All molds adopt precision wire cutting and carburizing treatment to extend their service life.
The frame is welded by a special thick steel rectangular welding process, which is durable and anti-vibration.
Fully automatic operation machine, automatic feeding, mold clamping, and automatic lifting.
3. This soil brick machine is a small block machine, which can be easily operated by one person. And it is widely used in African countries.
4. The most versatile in the market, only one piece of equipment can realize various types of blocks, brique en terre cuite bricks, and floors, no need to buy another bicker machine.
5. Automatic operation machine. Automatic feeding, pressing mold, lifting mold.
1) Large brick capacity, one-day brick capacity is 12000-13000.
2) High pressure, pressure up to 100 tons.
6. Fully automatic brick-making machine, which can produce various interlocking blocks just by changing the mold.
By adjusting the screw, the height of the brick can be changed.
7. Simple operation and convenient maintenance. It is an ideal brick making machine for your business.