Today let’s conclude the type of brick-making machine for brick manufacture.

First, it can be divided by material.

Clay brick-making machine.

clay brick making machine also is called soil brick making machine, interlocking brick making machine.  And many African countries, also call them compressed earth block machines.

The material is normally only clay, and the strength is enough. You can also add some cement according to your local clay viscosity.  The brick normally is made into interlocking brick shapes. Because interlocking bricks are very popular in most countries.


Concrete block-making machine.

A concrete block making machine is also called a cement block-making machine, a hollow block-making machine. These names come from the material and block shapes. The material is normally concrete and aggregate. 20-30% concrete is enough for producing blocks. Aggregate is different according to your requirement, like fly ash, cinder, etc.

The concrete blocks are normally made into hollow blocks with two or three, even more holes according to your requirement.

Secondly, it can be divided by automatic degree.

Fully-automatic block machine

It is normally a block production line, with full working types of equipment. The automation is very high, and the whole brick machine is controlled by a PLC control box.

From add material to block stacking, you just need to press some buttons.

Semi-automatic block machine 

In this kind of brick machine, you normally need to add material by hand.  And it normally needs a block brick trolley to carry the blocks. The machine just can form the blocks.

manual brick making machine 

This is the lowest degree brick-making machine. The forming form is by hand press, but it can add your press strength by Lever Principle, not a direct manual press. It is the cheapest brick machine.

Thirdly, it can be divided by forming method.

Vibration block making machine 

This is the original molding method of brick-making machines. It adopts a vibration molding system. Most semi-automatic concrete block-making machines adopt this molding method.

Hydraulic brick making machine 

This kind of brick machine adopts a hydraulic press molding system. The molding effect is better than pure vibration molding form. Now normally brick making machine adopts hydraulic and vibration combinations molding method.