Introduce the work flow of automatic block brick machine production line
1. Batch system:
Dozens of formula memory: three kinds of aggregate, cement, fly ash, water, admixture and so on can be cumulatively measured and fed into the mixer.
2. Mixing system:
After the material is in place, the bucket rises and feeds the material into the mixing bucket. Mix well within the set time. Open the stirring door, feed the material into the hopper of the automatic brick-making machine, then close the stirring door, and wait for the next period of batching.
3. Molding system:
Automatic brick machine coil plate, the plate of the frame, closed belt, material into the hopper, head raised, after all conditions in place (chain protection according to the automatic key), hopper to molding box above, computer according to the different products, different materials can be set: forced feeding time, after vibration feeding time, vibration feeding time, can choose whether to add the fabric, do brick can choose pressure fabric after 3 ~ 5 mm fabric or slight vibration of fabric put… According to the requirements of different materials, different products, arbitrary patchwork brick machine action, man-machine dialogue, a multi-purpose machine.
4. Brick feeder and plate lifter:
After the brick feeder stores the second plate product, take it out. After the product is cleaned by the brick surface sweeper, it is sent to the plate lifting machine, which is equipped with a support frame with a chain for easy wear and tear. When the second brick delivered by the brick feeder is in place, the support frame will carry the product to 20cm. When the product is full, the child car will take the product to the mother car.
5. Parent-child transfer vehicles (horizontal and vertical transfer vehicles):
The time difference of the same frequency converter is used to control the subcar and the mother car respectively, and the finished product is transported to the maintenance room (there is steam in the maintenance room when conditions permit). When the product is filled by the pallet elevator, the pallet truck enters into the pallet elevator in front of the pallet truck, and the fork at the manufacturing mouth returns to the mother truck. Before the mother car is transported to the maintenance room, the manufacturing mouth of the child car is sent to the maintenance room, and the product is placed on the baffle of the maintenance room; Then back to the mother; Mother’s car shop goes to another kiln door to care for good products. The child car goes into the repair room and the fork product goes back to the mother car. Before the mother car brings the product to the release machine, the child car sends the product to the release machine and places it on the release machine; Then back to the mother; Wait for the next cycle before entering the circuit.
6. Plate lowering machine, brick pushing machine, and palletizer:
Lay down 20cm and place the second plate product on the splitter. The slabbing machine feeds the products into the brick pusher. After the second board is delivered, the release machine will continue the second round until all products are unloaded and wait for the next cycle. The brick pusher pushes the brick making mouth to the stacker, and the pallets are arranged by the sweeper to be sent to the pallet warehouse of the automatic stacker. Pallets are transported to the site by a forklift after stacking by a stacker. All control systems can be individually controlled or centrally controlled to realize fully automatic operation.
The whole production line of cement block machine consists of the above 6 systems. They work together to make sure the whole production line runs smoothly.