The advantage of hydraulic concrete block machine at present

Hydraulic block press machine is mainly used for the pressing and forming of brick structure. It is one of the high-tech equipment in the concrete blocks manufacturing process in the contemporary world and the key mechanical equipment in the fly ash cement bricks manufacturing line.

It has the compacting force big, host structure stiffness, the suppression mechanism (pressing force and pressing rate, pressing time) flexible adjustable, various parameters of the digital display, pressing process monitoring, fault tracing and convenient program storage, and the advantages of high degree of automation, reliable performance, can meet the requirements of different cemented bricks plant, so it is widely used in production of bricks made of cement and fly ash.

The current existing problem

At present, our country in the actual production and brick molding machine types are mainly adopted in the steel wire twining type, open type, closed type hydraulic pressure brick machine, etc, but the deformation of the fuselage is larger at work, poor rigidity, and the strength, stiffness will directly affect the precision parts processing, lathe bed guide rail wear and the service life of die, etc.
Therefore, how to optimize the fuselage structure, improve the static and dynamic characteristics of the fuselage, while reducing the weight of the fuselage structure, is particularly important for the design of fully automatic hydraulic hollow block machine.
On the other hand, with the development of science and technology, compressed brick machine is developing towards large tonnage, high precision and high speed.
To ensure the normal work of these large tonnage, high precision brick press, first of all, the design of the body of the brick press must ensure that there is enough strength and stiffness, while considering the work of the vibration of the brick press.
At present, most of the body design of block press in China adopts the traditional design method of experience and analogy. The bed is not only poor in performance, cumbersome in structure, low in speed and accuracy, but also has a long design cycle.
China’s brick press mechanism manufacturing enterprises must change the original traditional design methods, with advanced design and manufacturing means as technical support, to improve the design and manufacturing level of China’s brick press, actively participate in the competition in the new market environment.
With the popularization and application of CAD/CAM/CAE technology, modern structural analysis methods, such as finite element method, have been widely recognized and developed by engineering technical designers. They have been widely used in the design of brick press and achieved remarkable technical and economic benefits.

Necessity of research for the hydraulic concrete block press machine

The main part of the hydraulic automatic block moulding machine is generally composed of a closed frame (the frame consists of four columns and the upper transverse beam, lower beam), movable beam, hydraulic cylinder and other auxiliary facilities.
During the working period, the whole movable beam makes up and down reciprocating movement, the mass is big, the inertia is big, it is necessary to calculate the strength and stiffness in advance, so that the designer can have a comprehensive understanding of the static and dynamic characteristics of the body, make the whole design more perfect.
The fuselage is a key component of the whole brick press, which bears a huge load when working. Its strength and stiffness are decisive for the safety and product quality of the whole machine. Therefore, it is very important to study the stress and displacement distribution of the fuselage under static and dynamic loads to ensure that the fuselage has sufficient strength and stiffness.
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