To high-quality equipment, if not do the corresponding maintenance work, will lead to shorten the life of hollow machine. With the increasing use of these devices, we can find a key role in different building projects. Following is professional suggest on the daily maintenance of this type of machine.

The measures to prolong the hollow bricks machine life:
First, for this type of equipment, different models have the standard in the input voltage and current, so we suggest that you should try to adjust the actual use according to the environment, also pay a lot of attention in the purchasing process.
Second, when installing the brick machine ,we must ensure a smooth base, and should take measures to ensure reliable grounding, which will avoid operation process does not appear tilt and collapse.
Third, the worker who operate this type of equipment must read the device instructions carefully, clearly grasp of the appropriate operating procedures and button performance, in order to better carry out the production process.
Fourth, In the operation of such equipment, in order to ensure the safety of staff, remember to wear appropriate protective measures, such as glasses, masks, gloves, etc.
Fifth, In order to prolong the life of brick machine, if there is a fault, short circuit and other problems during the operation, we should cut off the electricity immediately and restart after trouble shooting.
Sixth, due to the different customers use the machine in different fields, there may exist the operation time, yield is different, then we recommend according to the actual frequency of brick machine using, thus making a perfect maintenance plan, and ensure the brick machine life get reliable protection.