The block production line of the QTF12-15 concrete brick-making machine adopts German design and frequency conversion technology. Fulang Mechanical Brick Making Machine contains seven core technologies:

1. Efficient vibration block making machine 
The concrete block machine designed and manufactured by Fulang Machinery adopts the most advanced international vibration technology. The vibration table is composed of a moving table and a static table, which greatly improves the vibration efficiency and ensures the high quality of the concrete block.
2. Efficient hydraulic system brick making machine 
The hydraulic system adopts a high dynamic proportional valve and constant output pump to adjust oil speed and pressure, which has high stability, high efficiency, and energy-saving. Through the hydraulic station, it can reach 31 Mpa. The quality of the brick will be higher, high strength, and high density.
3. Frequency conversion control and energy saving block machine 
The concrete block machine contains frequency conversion technology. This technology can save 20-40% energy by adjusting the frequency converter. Compared with traditional motors, this design can greatly improve the quality and strength of concrete blocks and extend the service life of the motor.
4. Made of Swiss imported steel, high strength brick machine 
It is 7-9 times that of ordinary steel. It is more wear-resistant and will not bend. Our factory uses carburizing technology to manufacture our module molds. It will be more durable than ordinary molds.
5. Forced feeding concrete block making machine 
The feeding box of the concrete block machine uses two high-end feeding motors to control a total of four mixing shafts. The feeding frame, bottom plate and mixing blade of the QTF12-15 block machine are all made of high-strength HARDOX steel to strengthen the sealing performance and prevent material leakage.
6. Fully automatic control-Siemens system block machine 
Fulang concrete block machine adopts Siemens PLC and Siemens control panel as the electric control system, which has high stability, low failure rate, and convenient maintenance. Japan Omron or French Schneider switch to ensure the stable and efficient working state of the machine.
7. Smart Cloud System brick making machine 
The concrete block machine adopts the most advanced industrial Internet technology and has the advantages of remote control, operation, automatic troubleshooting, and maintenance. The intelligent cloud system guarantees the high-quality after-sales service of the Fulang concrete block machine.