QTF8-15 automatic concrete block making machine with super steel structure design, import of the original parts widely used, using PLC intelligent control system, using efficient, super exciting system design, and excitation force propagation of all parts of the mold frame in a balanced and effective way, so as to greatly improve the product density and mold life. The raw materials are slag, slag, fly ash, stone powder, sand, stone and cement, which are mixed scientifically and mixed with water. The semi-closed network is adopted to rotate compulsory distribution, and the distribution is uniform and rapid to ensure the consistent product strength. Equipped with special brick machine, can easily achieve large output, automatic production, save a lot of manpower, maintenance site and liquidity investment.

QTF8-15 brick machine also known as road bblock machine, road stone machine, hollow block  machine, etc. No sintering is required and a short drying time is sufficient to leave the plant. The investment is small, the effect is quick. This is a hot industry for many investors right now. More than 3,000 square meters of space and 4-5 workers are needed. Suggested workshop: length :20 meters, width :8 meters, height :5-6 meters, concrete floor thickness :20 cm.