Hollow block making machine takes the cement, fly ash, slag, and construction waste as raw material, then form and increase the compactness of raw materials by high-frequency vibration and hydraulic pressure. In the process, cement plays the role of adhesive.

Hollow block making machine as a large manufacturing machinery. Working principle of this machine is relatively more complicated. So before putting into production, we should definitely tested and debugged the machine to help it get the most suitable working states. This is the key step that will confirm the machine have a long service time. So let’s look at some key points as the following.
In the first running, please take a look at the the pallets carefully to check whether the width of the pallets is suitable with the whole brick passage, and confirm the pallet can’t be jammed in the delivery process.
The upper and lower scraper plates shall be well adjusted to ensure that the residual materials can be scraped back and the pressure head shall be cleaned up. Regular inspection shall also be carried out, once the abrasion happens, replace the scraper plates timely. When the machine is running, pay attention to whether each process is normal and whether the screw is loose. In case of any abnormal phenomena, stop the machine and adjust it in time. Every day before starting the machine, check whether the circuit connection of the cement brick machine is safe to avoid leakage and short circuit. Adjust the hydraulic system to the rated pressure, check the hydraulic system regularly, clean the oil strainer regularly, and ensure the safety of production and the extension of service life.