Some important knowledge about brick block making machine that the maintenance technicians must know

The brick machine maintenance technicians need master not only mechanical and electrical expertise, but also hollow brick machine equipment knowledge. Do you understand the following professional terminology?
♦ 1. Sliding valve spool (cylindrical spool): A part that fits with a cylindrical sliding surface, opens and closes the flow path when it moves along the axis.
♦ 2. Dynamic seals: Seals for relative sliding parts.
♦ 3. Hydraulic circuit: Hydraulic device with a certain function composed of various hydraulic components.
♦ 4. Circuit diagram: Hydraulic circuit diagram represented by hydraulic graphic symbols.
♦ 5. Rated pressure: the highest pressure that can be used continuously.
♦ 6. Hydraulic Station: Hydraulic source device or hydraulic device including control valve, which consists of hydraulic pump, driving motor, oil tank, overflow valve, etc.
♦ 7. Leakage: The return of oil from the channel (or pipeline) in the hydraulic assembly to the tank or collector or or the like.
♦ 8. Oil Leakage: A small amount of oil from the normally sealed part.
♦ 9. Static seal: used for static part to prevent liquid leakage.
♦ 10. Back pressure: The pressure acting on the oil return side or the opposite direction of the pressure action side of the hydraulic circuit.
The above is only the most important professional knowledge, of course, there are many other knowledge about brick machine. It will be a long-term accumulation and learning process if we want to fully learn and understand these knowledge.
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