QTF8-15 is an automatic hollow block making machine

1. The control system fully combines digital digital monitoring and sensor technology, making every action accurate and reliable, very suitable for busy and complex work, the system uses hundreds of manufacturing processes, advanced technology, easy to operate.
2. Intelligent PLC control. PLC touch screen after strict processing, wear-resistant, durable
3. Through the hydraulic station differential pressure valve and proportional valve, so that the machine, stacker conveyor and distributor effective operation.
4. The vibration box is directly driven by motor, which has high reactive power consumption and high efficiency. The multi-source vibration system designed for large brick-making machine is suitable for large platform. It adopts computer control, hydraulic drive and mechanical and electronic technology. The synchronous vibration mode can be adjusted according to different materials to achieve the best effect.
5. Every part of the machine we can do a disassembly design, with easy to install, maintenance and replacement parts! Machine and equipment on the friction parts are alloy steel processing! The surface of the guide pillar is made of chrome alloy, which increases the wear resistance and prolongs the service life! Both ends of other guide posts are equipped with dust-proof Nylon Ring, oil-saving filling, to prevent dust from entering, increase wear resistance, extend service life!
6. Different types of concrete bricks can be produced by changing the mould.