This concrete block making machine is easy to operate, practical, economical and reliable, suitable for small and medium-sized investors.

1) technical hydraulic system, easy for workers to operate
2) simple horizontal secondary feeding system, which combines vibration with pressure to ensure high compactness and performance
3) unique mandatory charging system can make full use of cement, fly ash, stone, sand, slag and other industrial wastes and materials. This block machine can be used for many purposes, producing various standard bricks, porous bricks, concrete bricks, floor tiles, etc.
4) easy maintenance, easy operation, compact structure, equipped with electrical and hydraulic systems, save money and time, safe, convenient and stable operation, suitable for customers to start investment.
5) through the stripping cylinder, the brick mold frame is locked to the shaking table with high stiffness to achieve synchronous vibration, so the concrete can be liquefied and formed in two or three seconds to ensure high density, can be piled up immediately, so that the pallet direct investment can be saved.