QTF4-24 hollow cement block making machine is one of the hot sales of our company. It is a semi-automatic equipment with simple and practical structure, moderate price, novel and beautiful appearance. It can produce a variety of cement pavement brick, hollow block, curb stone brick, etc. by changing the mold.

The main technical advantages of this machine are:

  1. integrated hydraulic, vibration and hybrid molding technology. The thickness and quality of the block are good when hydraulic pressure is combined with high efficiency vibration forming. The operation method is simple, easy to master and operate, with less investment and quick effect. It is the best choice for most customers.
  2. high strength standard bricks can be produced with reasonable raw material ratio, and can be stacked immediately after forming. It avoids many malpractices, such as occupying large space and wasting large manpower, and reduces investment cost for customers.
  3. PLC control system, high production capacity. The size of pallet is 850*550*30mm. So the production capacity is different according to different block size you want to produce.

Let’s take some example in the following sheet for your reference.

Size(L*W*H) Pcs/mould Pcs/Hr Pcs/8Hr
400*100*200mm 7 630-840 5040-6720
400*150*200mm 5 450-600 3600-4800
400*200*200mm 4 360-450 2880-3600