Three sets of QTF4-18  has been prepared, and they will be shipped to three different countries, Haiti, Philippines, Lesotho.

The advantages of QTF4-18 automatic concrete block making machine.

A. The main frame is made of high quality 20 * 20CM square steel pipe, all from the best steel suppliers in China

B. Feed tray part

Automatic stacking tray into the feeder section. The hydraulic cylinder transfers the tray to the mold area and the receiving area.

C. Color feeding machine
1. Hydraulic cylinder drive

2. Add color to four parts so that they are evenly distributed on the block.

D. guide balancing device
1. Double upper die balancer makes its positioning more accurate and effectively protects the die. Extend service life.
2. Four-pillar solid guide post

3. Four shock absorbers

E. hydraulic control system
1. The pressure and speed can be adjusted according to the requirements of the machine
2. The hydraulic station adopts imported electro-hydraulic double-proportional control valve:

3. Energy saving: 30%

F. Feed tray area

Automatic stacking tray into the feeder section. Hydraulic cylinder drive. Pallet mold area and receiving block.

G. Hopper car
1. 3 ball bearings are provided with dust rings

2. Toothed rake can be replaced

H. High quality block mold
1. All the lower dies are equipped with this part, so that the feeding trolley runs smoothly and the feeding is not firm.
2. two down mould banlancer