FL200T maquina de bloco de concreto interlocking soil block machine is our latest clay and cement brick making machine. It is a fully automatic working machine with automatic feeding, pressing, and ejection.
You can choose a diesel engine or motor power.
1. It adopts intelligent PLC control, man-machine interface, automatic fault diagnosis, and the vibration system adopt electro-hydraulic proportional valve control to realize low-frequency feeding and high-frequency vibration forming.
2. Material storage and feeding device: the material is controlled by the computer to prevent the internal pressure of the material from being affected by the outside, to ensure the uniformity of the material, and to reduce the error of the brick strength.
3. Install a multi-mixing fork cloth system, which can quickly and evenly feed the material into the mold box.
4. Advantages: PLC has the characteristics of strong versatility, easy use, wide adaptability, high reliability, strong anti-interference ability, and simple programming.
5. PLC control, easy operation by one person.
Function: PLC is a remote control system for playback, execution logic, and other sequential control functions.
6. The mold of maquina de fazer bloco de concreto can be replaced according to customer requirements.
Including the upper mold and the lower mold, the interaction between the upper mold and the lower mold prevents the peripheral deformation of the stamping material.
7. Mixer: The rotating shaft drives the blades to shear, squeeze, and turn the shaking in the barrel so that the batch materials are mixed evenly in the violent relative movement.
8. By adjusting the screw, the height of the brick can be changed.
Advantages: The mold is more wear-resistant and has a longer service life through carbonization and wire cutting technology.
9. Advantages: uniform and thorough mixing, no residue, simple structure, simple operation, fast discharging speed, sturdiness and durability, long service life, and convenient maintenance.
High productivity 6000-8000 bricks per day.