Most advanced hollow block making machine in domestic industry.

This is the leading and most ideal equipment for producing concrete cement block, well designed, highly automatic, economical, quick production, takes only 10 to 15 seconds to shape one pallet of block with high accuracy, and can be stacked directly by stacker. It could produce over 600,000 pieces of concrete block(size 15mm~20mm) every 8 hours, and 350,000 pieces(size 30~50mm) every 8 hours. The capacity will be different for different block size. Cement block is suitable for building casting, highway, railway, bridge and ancient architecture, reinforced concrete protective layer block, beam supports, reinforced layer distance standard block support etc.The quality of cement reinforced concrete block is essential to the  bearing strength,service life, acid and alkali resistance, fire proof ability of the steel bar inside the reinforced concrete, also determines the quality of the engineering. Irregular cheap cement brick machine in developed country has been knocked out currently. Standard concrete block machine,  have been fully promoted. We could also produce all kinds of special cement paver mould and curstone mould as your requirement.