How to use hollow block making machine correctly ?

A lot of people find the problems of hollow block machine after purchasing of the cement brick machine soon, sometimes is caused by improper installation of the installation workers, but most of the time it caused by customers incorrectly using, we must use the cement brick machine in accordance with the requirements, otherwise it will not only affect the using of the machine, but also affect our security .

brick machine should be how to use? The right way to use block machine mainly has the following aspects:
1. When using the cement brick machine, the first step is to mix raw materials, we should avoid large particles to get in when we mix to avoid mold damage occurs, and we must ensure the raw material mixing uniformity, so as to make the brick reached the requirements, not only looks nice, but also quality better.

2. After mixing of raw materials, it must be used immediately, if the parking time is long, will cause the material solidification, then we must deal this right now,In this situation,the material can not use to making brick because it will damage the machine.
3. When the interlocking brick machin in operation, each process has the limited time, especially for the brick vibration pressure time, only the long time the vibration pressure can guarantee the density and quality of bricks and can make bricks produced more qualified.
4. We must always check the hydraulic oil level, temperature and cleanliness in the usual using,please avoid the situation that the oil temperature too high will cause the hydraulic cylinder damage, it will make the normal work affected by the situation.
5. After the machine using, we must make cleaning and maintenance work immediately, if cleaning machine correctly, not only can enhance the service life of the machine, but also a great help for our second day using.It can save the brick making cycle. so the user must develop the habit to clean brick machine immediately.