The block mould is one of the core parts of the unburned brick block making machine. It has three important features of high accuracy, difficult production, and long production cycle.  Matching and reasonable use of mould are the key points that user should consider before purchasing.
1. Installation and replacement of mould must avoid the collision and knock,  assemble wth civilization and pay attention to protect the mould.
2. Often check the mould size and condition of welding joint position. If the wear is excessive, the quality of the product needs to be matched with a new mold.
3. Carefully adjust the gap, including the pressure head and the core, the mold frame and the line plate, etc.
4. Daily cleaning of the mold should use air compressors, soft tools to clear the concrete residue, and it is strictly forbidden to hit and scratch the mold with gravity.
5. Replace the mold should be cleaned, then oil and rust-proof, and be placed in a dry, flat place with a flat pad to prevent gravity deformation.
The block mould occupies an important position in the whole brick machine equipment.  It plays a decisive role in the whole control of the appearance, quality and production efficiency.
If that’s the case, then how to choose the mould ?
First of all, what kind of block mould and which equipment is used for should be considered. Then choose which material to use for steel processing. The material quality of steel determines the life of the block mould. Then according to the material of steel, the treatment methods include carburizing, nitriding, carbonitriding, etc. The heat treatment method should be determined according to the steel material you choose. The next step is most important part you should consider: whether the line cutting technology is adopted or not in this step. The line cutting can assure the size precision, but it’s a long and difficult process. So the mould adopted the line cutting will has a higer cost. So many companies will adopt the welding, according to the processing technology of the previous parts, select the appropriate welding materials for welding, welding should pay attention to the steel deformation coefficient. Reduce the deformation as much as possible, and then correct the upper and lower die after all welding.
Therefore, you must choose a strong and experienced manufacturer when purchasing the mould to avoid the unnecessary losses in the future.