FULANG MACHINE holds the meeting–manage quality control well

FULANG MACHINE holds the meeting mange cement block machine quality control well on Jan.1st. Manager Jia made the detailed analysis on market situation,put forward the coping strategies,points clearly determined to firmly Strict policy unchanged all the year round, the cement block machine product quality.
Manager Jia made a further analysis about the present situation of fulang mall, put forward in developed market, as well concrete block making machine for sale quality problem, and put forward the response and improvement measures next, company will study through introducing and absorbing the domestic and foreign company yield form Quality of civilization, and further optimize the company makes way, strengthen quality culture construction, to optimize the scene to handle and process planning, from the source to eliminate product quality problems, strict with cement block machine quality, ensure product advantage first.
Manager Jia said: quality is the life of the company, a company’s ability to work for a long time, on what to maintain? “Natural selection, survival of the fittest”, in the current international, is an open international, to carry out the tide waves, entrepreneurial knowledge overwhelming, way in the competition, a company in an impregnable position, have to rely on what? By – product quality excellent cement block machine.
Good amount of ement block machine is to rely on to talents, rather than to talk about, also not get to demand for anyone’s homework, is depend on the individual to strict requirements. Have the personnel to success is to such a specification: living quality is a system engineering, need from the leadership to the worker, all from the handle to the underlying part and worker attend and do my best. As a company every man habits of action, as every worker’s idea. As long as this company talent thriving, do big and stronger. So say: quality is the life of the company.
Eventually,manager Jia said: expected overall worker can pull up, advances the understanding of the quality of concrete block making machine for sale, do “starts from me”, the person can do every job to do, in order to more kua fu lang company good tomorrow, everyone should be attach importance to the quality of the brick cement block machine, strictly the quality.