According to the production scale, the new type of unburned brick machine can be divided into small manual brick machine, semi-automatic medium-sized brick machine and large fully automatic brick machine production line. Today we will introduce the size and division of the production field needed for the large-scale fully automatic production line QTF8-15.

The production line of QTF8-15 automatic hydraulic block making machine mainly includes five parts: batching system, conveying system, material mixing system, product pressing and forming system and product maintenance system. So we divide the production site into five functional areas: production area, raw material storage area, product maintenance area and finished product storage area. The total area of the site is not less than 3500 square meters.
♦ (1) The office area is about 300 square meters, including office, staff quarters, cafeteria, doorman, garage, etc.
♦ (2) The production area is about 1000 square meters, including material batching, mixing, pressing and forming, maintenance etc.
♦ (3) The storage area of raw materials is about 1000 square meters, including main materials, accessories and additives.
♦ (4) The packaging area is about 200 square meters.

♦ (5) The finished product warehouse area is about 1000 square meters.

If you want to build a fully automated production line, the above production site planning is for your reference. I hope it can give you some help. If you have any other questions about building a brick factory, please feel free to contact us and our technical service department will provide you with more professional and free advice. FULANG MACHINE is always at your service.