1. Among mobile brick machines, fl10-15 has the highest productivity. Compared with the static brick machine, the mobile brick machine is more convenient to use, and the brick strength produced is no worse or even higher than the static brick machineOn the basis of the technical transformation of the former block forming machine, the primary vibration of the former block forming machine is changed into the secondary vibration of the core. Therefore, the block density is higher, the forming speed is faster, and the block strength is more uniform.
2. High quality steel and precise welding make the machine have longer service life and fewer faults in the working process of hydraulic system.
3. Fl10-15 has the characteristics of low price, reliable performance, simple operation, good stability and low power consumption.
4. The advanced technology makes the design of the main engine reasonable, realizes the vibration of the box body, hydraulic stripping, multi-directional automatic movement, and makes the qmy18-15 automatic feeding system work faster.

5. In the production process, a large number of raw materials can be used, such as concrete, cement, small stone, powder, gangue, slag, construction waste, etc.