This is the feedback pictures, coming from our Russian customer, of using QTF10-15 automatic block making machine. Besides, you can click here to get the feedback video on our official YouTube: Feedback video from customers 

Thank our customer for giving us such high praise, and we will try our best to do better in the future.
This machine can produce different kinds of blocks just replacing mold, If you have any interest about this machine please click here to get more detailed information: QTF10-15 block machine 
About the fully automatic hollow block machine, there are four key systems, that you must know for a block manufacturing machine user.
♦ 1. Batching system
According to the proportion of ingredient, accurately metered and added to the mixing station.
♦ 2. Mixing system 
After the raw materials are in place, the mixing machine start to stir according to the set time. Upon completion, the material is sent to the molding host machine, and waits for the next cycle.
♦ 3. Molding system 
There are amount of pallets waiting there. And the pallet feeder will give the pallet to the right position. When the mold box falls on the pallet, the conveyor belt start to work, then the material is sent into the storage cart and the pressure head is raised to the position. After all the conditions are raised in right place (chain protection), the storage truck advances to the top of the mold box and start to feed material into it. About the feeding time, control system can be set according to different raw material and different products, like vibration feeding time, supplementary feeding time.
♦ 4. Intelligent PLC control system
Under the premise of ensuring quantity, according to different materials, different product requirements, any mechanical action can be adjusted through PLC control system to realize man-machine dialogue and multi-purpose.