Cote d’Ivoire customer came to our factory for visit and business negotiation. And we arranged the reception and access schedule for this client. Our factory director and sales manager lead the customer to visit our production workshop, warehouse, and quality inspection workshop. After that, this customer has a good understanding of  our of our company’s production scale, production capacity, product quality, production system, quality control system, R&D system, etc., and was very satisfied with the strength of our factory, and carried out deep business negotiation with us. About an hour later, the transaction was concluded. Congratulations!
He bought two sets of our concrete block making machine, QTF4-24 semi-automatic hollow block machine and QTF40-2 manual operated simple cement block making machine. You can click here to get the details information of these two machines: QTF4-24QTF40-2.
Welcome to visit our factory, then you will have a deep impression on our factory!