When it comes to the accessories of block making machine, concrete mixer always the first one that comes to our mind. So today let’s talk about the concrete mixer.

Concrete mixer is a kind of machine that mixes sand, cement, stone, and water with a certain proportion into uniform concrete that meets the different requirements of making different concrete blocks.
(1) Forced mixer
The forced mixer mixes the mixture primarily based on the shearing mechanism. The vanes in the mixer rotate with the mixing shaft.
(2) Bottom-down mixer
Arc blades are welded on the inner wall of the mixing drum of the self-falling mixer. When the mixing drum rotates around the horizontal axis, the blade continuously raises the material to a certain height, then falls freely and blends with each other.
The curved vanes are welded to the inner wall of the mixing drum of the self-dropping mixer. As the mixing drum rotates about the horizontal axis, the blades continuously raise the material to a certain height and then freely fall and mix with each other.
Rules for operation of concrete mixers:
1. Check that the controller and components are intact before starting the mixer. No foreign objects are allowed in the drum.
2. The mixer should be placed in a fixed place and stabilized with a bracket or support roller. Tires are not allowed to be replaced.
3. When the mixer’s feed hopper is raised, it is strictly forbidden to pass or stay under the hopper. The hopper of the mixer should be fixed after the work is completed.
4. When on-site maintenance, the mixer hopper should be fixed and the power supply should be cut off. When entering the mixer drum, the outside should be monitored.
5. When the mixer is running, it is strictly forbidden to extend the tool into the drum.