QTF6-15 is a full automatic brick machine production line, its shape design is reasonable, the production efficiency is high.

Advantages of hydraulic brick making machine:

1.High degree of automation, simple operation, large pressing force, high output, and long service life.
2.Large transmission force, stable operation, accurate in place, and low maintenance rate.
3.The concrete block making machine can make different shapes and different sizes of bricks.

The whole production line mainly includes batching machine,cement silo,conveyor belt machine, QTF6-15 host machine,brick conveyor and automatic stacker.You can choose suitable accessory according to your requirements.

With the development of the construction industry, people have new requirements on the shape and size of bricks. Fulang machinery has been keeping the technological innovation on the brick making machine, our modern brick making machine can produce a solid block, hollow block, interlocking block, cement blocks, and so on. Bricks that are manufactured by brick making equipment can be used for paving the roads, communities, buildings, and so on.