Dimension of host machine 3700x2100x2300mm

total machine power 29.45kw

mould period 20-25s

Vibration force 35.5KN

Pallet size 880x550x20mm

Mixer model JQ800

workshop area 160m2

Voltage Customized


A block production line with more acceptable price 
This QTF4-18 automatic block making machine production line is relative small than QTF4-15 and QTF10-15. But it also can meet most customers’ production requirement. As the QTF10-15 is more expensive, most customer can’t accept the price. And QTF4-18  is much cheaper than QTF10-15, it’s price is more acceptable for most buyers.
Technology of this block machine
In fact, no matter the QTF4-18 or QTF10-15 adopts the similar technology. First, they are all adopt hydraulic molding technology. The block they produced are the same perfect. The most difference lies on the production capacity. The QTF10-15 has much higher production capacity than the QTF4-18 block machineproduction line. Second, they are adopt PLC integrated control system to making the machine is more simple to control. Just press the corresponding key on the control board.
 Import important parts and components
All the key parts of this block machine are adopt famous brand in the world, such as Siemens motor, Mitsubishi’s system, etc. All of these high quantity components ensure a longer service life of the block machine.
Equipped with suitable accessories
Different block models have different production capacity, so they will be equipped with suitable accessories, such as concrete mixer, convey belt, control box etc.
Different blocks can be produced 
Customizable and replaceable block molds according to customers’ requirement.

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