Automatic block making machine use Cement, sand, construction waste and other materials used in the production of cement bricks. Today introduced a new type raw material: fly ash.

Fly ash as another raw material of brick as good enough as others.
The main source of fly ash is burned coal waste of thermal power plants and urban central heating boilers, more than 90% is wet ash, not conducive to comprehensive utilization. However, as a new type of brick material, its utilization rate is very high.
Using fly ash as the main material, cement, lime and gypsum and other raw materials as auxiliary materials, according to certain proportion and uniformly stirring, which not only saves the amount of cement and fine aggregate; but also reducing the water consumption. The strength and other indexes of fly ash brick have reached or exceeded the gangue sintered brick. The comprehensive utilization of hydraulic press brick machine equipment in effect no less than other materials brick.
Main automatic block machine of FULANG MACHINE is using fly ash as raw materials of bricks, which greatly reduces the costs of raw materials of brick, save money for customers. FULANG MACHINE would always adhere to the spirit of “credibility first, customer first” and create more high-quality products for our customers.