This month 10 sets of QTF40-2 has been sent to Africa. Why is it so popular?

QTF40-2 semi-automatic concrete block making machine has so many advantages as following:

(1) The combination of manual force control and inching control makes the operation simple and efficient;
(2) Super strong steel and special welding process are adopted, with high strength and strong anti vibration ability;
(3) Quadrupole orientation and super long orientation bearing are adopted to ensure the accurate movement of indenter and die;
(4) Mechanical transmission is adopted, with compact structure, convenient maintenance, flexible operation and good reliability;
(5) The quality of products produced by semi-automatic blocking machine is high. High strength, good density, good appearance, accurate size and regular shape;
(6) It is a multi-purpose hollow block forming machine. By changing the block mold, it can produce the shapes of blocks, kerbs, blocks and hollow bricks of concrete products of different specifications. The comprehensive performance of the equipment is stable and reliable;
(7) If the semi-automatic block forming machine uses a large amount of fly ash and slag, it can achieve high efficiency, save you more investment and make you turnover quickly.

So if you like this block machine, hurry up!