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Harvest of attending ITIF exhibition in Pakistan

The ITIF exhibition in Pakistan, which was held in KARACHI EXPO CENTRE, University Road, Karachi, has been over for a month. But our business relationship with Pakistani customers is still going on. 
The three-day exhibition time provides us with the opportunity to face-to-face and in-depth exchanges with Pakistani customers, so that Pakistani customers can better understand the unique characteristics of the FULANG machine, but also let us have a deeper understanding of the needs of the local people of Pakistan.  In view of the performance of various brick block machines, a thorough comparison and discussion are made. The two sides formed a mutual trust and mutual assistance communication mode, not limited to the relationship between customers and suppliers. 
When we returned home, many customers decided to visit our factory directly. We are so happy for customers can come to visit our factory directly, because every customer who has come to our factory will give his thumbs up after his visiting, which is more high efficient for establishing cooperative relationship.
Many other customers hope that we can show them the size of our factory through video phone and describe it in detail. We arranged one video conversation one by one which last for about a month. Many customers are very satisfied with video calls, and further discuss the machine and brick shape requirements with sales colleagues through e-mail and other means.
Our sales colleagues are very busy this month, but they are very happy and full. Because all the efforts are worth it. This will be a milestone in our cooperation with Pakistani customers. On this basis, we will establish a stable cooperative relationship with Pakistani customers. 
customer for hollow block making machine
customer for concrete block making machine

customer for interlocking brick making machine