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Block machine types and operation notice

concrete block making machine
Linyi Fulang company is specializing in the production of automatic hydraulic block machine, semi-automatic block machine manufacturer, the company with rich experiences in the production of large and medium-sized block machine more than 10 years.

 Our block machine is building materials processing machinery and equipment production of bricks, the general use of raw materials with fly ash, river sand, ocean sand, mountain sand, slag, mining powder, gravel and cement etc. Is referred to as the brick machine production equipment, can be classified according to different criteria.


 Machine classification:

1. According to the size of the output can be divided into: large, medium and small brick making machine.

2. According to brick type can be divided into: fire brick machine and baking free brick machine

3. According to the degree of automation can be divided into: automatic, semi-automatic and manual brick machine equipment.

4. According to the forming principle can be divided into: pneumatic, hydraulic pressure and vibration brick machine.


Machine operation notice:

1. Check the electrical part of the grounding line is grounded, to avoid leakage, short circuit and other phenomena.

2. brick machine equipment motor direction prohibited to stand, in order to avoid the accident.

3. Machine work, must be installed on all protective cover and ground cover.

4. Found any unusual situation , should immediately stop machine and check out.