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Concrete cement brick machine
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QT40-2 manually operated cement hollow and solid brick machine
QTF40-2, is a cement brick machine. This hollow block making machine Philippines is based on the original baking-free brick machine. After technical improvement, we produce this new type of cheap automatic block machine. Its design is reasonable. The machine is equipped with super vibrators,so that the blocks produced is of better quality and higher compactness. 
This machine can produce 2000-3600 pieces hollow or solid block just by changing the mould.

(1) Blocks this machine able to make

 Overall size


 Host machine power


 Production cycle


 Vibration force


 Pallet size


 Host machine power


 Machine weight


 Mixer model



According to local condition


(2) QT40-2 small concrete block press machine production capacity


 QT40-2 Theoretical Production capacity



 Pcs/ Hr

 Pcs/ 8 Hr

 240X115X53 solid brick




 400X150X200 hollow brick




 400X200X200 hollow brick




We can design moulds according to your requests,produce color blocks

 block samples
paver block samples

(3) QT40-2 small cement brick making machine equipment list





                      Batching system






                      Block machine parts



 QT40-2 Block making machine




 Electrical control unit




 Block mold




 Manuel trolley




 Some spares and tools




(4)QT40-2 small manual cement brick machine advantages

1. QT40-2 small manual brick machine does not need installation 

2. QT40-2 manual compressed brick making machine can make various hollow block, solid brick by changing molds, The block sizes and shape are customized

3. QT40-2 small manual compressed concrete cement brick machine uses 60m2 workshop only.

4. QT40-2 block machine needs 3-4 persons to operate.


(5) Company Overview
company overview

(5) Installation abroad 

installation abroad
cement brick machine installation