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 Main advantages of QTF 6-15 fully automatic brick block making machine.
1. PLC control system: This concrete interlocking block making machine is equipped with PLC control system. So it's very easy to operate.
2. Hydraulic system: This fully automatic fly ash bricks machine price adopts double high dynamic proportional valve, automatically adjust oil flow and pressure, ensure the accurate movement between tamping head and die.
3. 360 rotary forced material feeding system: This cement brick making machine are equipped with 360 rotary forced feed, platform vibration and compression molding greatly shortens the shaping cycle. The finished block has good shape and  good quality.
4. Customizable molds: How to make concrete pavers moulds? it's high technical process. The mold is replaceable and can produce various blocks with different types, sizes, shapes and colors.
5. Color feeding system: The surface layer mixing device can be used to produce pavers with color layers.
6.High yield: for the size of 400*200*200mm, the production capacity can reach 8640-10080 pieces, and the yield is different according to different brick size.

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Technical parameters 



Technical Parameters

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